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ABAP SQL with RegEx

With release version OP 2020 (ABAP 755) we get to use some new cool syntax features -> Regular Expressions (or seen more often as RegEx). There are a lot of materials on internet about RegEx and how to use

Replacing COLLECT?

There are many occasion in which COLLECT comes as the first option when you want to sum up some fields. Just writing COLLECT wa IN itab will do the trick. But, there is always a "but". What I

CDS Views - Associations vs Joins

I get to hear a lot a question about CDS Views and that is: "What's up with the Associations?" When showing someone for the first time one, the first thing he will notice is the association instead of

Catching error message from Function Module

Did it ever happen that you wanted to use a standard Function Module in your application instead of rewriting the whole logic? And the function was "tailored" for classic dynpros but you were calling it in a background

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