What about this place?

The idea behind this blog came some time ago, but since everything related to programming tends to move slow, the website came to life pretty damn slow as well (yes, this is a lousy excuse). In this space I cover day to day programming-related topics, mostly on SAP. From time to time I tap on different technologies as well.
My goal with this website is to help fellow programmers. I want to offer those who stumble upon it something meaningful or at least give you, the reader, a glimpse of my programming adventures journey.

What about the person behind?

Hi there! I’m just wasting your time if you are reading this part of the page called “About me”. Still here? Damn son, you are a stubborn one. Ok, I'll bring up some more details.

Currently, I live in Hamburg, Germany and I can only say I like it a lot here! Though one must suffer endlessly learning their devilish language with 20+ characters long words.
This is not where my programming career started. I grew up in Romania, Bucharest, surrounded from a young age by computers. I was quite lucky in this regard, since communism just "unhappened" and PCs were somewhat a novelty in my country. I learned the ABC of programming it in elementary school. Afterwards, I continued learning in my teenage years web programming. This was fruitful for my college years, during which I was part of a small team that worked on a social website. I did my M.S. in ERP Systems and this is what pushed me into the SAP world. Fast-forward, now in Germany, I am focusing on S4HANA and SCP and filling the role of Tech Lead.

With SAP ... is complicated. We have a love/hate relationship. SAP amazes me. All those business processes, interconnections, technologies ... it is its own environment, specially tailored for large businesses. Every day I learn something new, tangible. And it's not only programming. But God is my witness, those UIs are ugly and unresponsive. A few more years, and they will be considered Retro screens. Other than SAP, I have a huge interest in mobile platforms and machine learning.

Ok, but enough about myself. It's time for you to go back to the home page and let this blog talk about my hobbies and how I'm wasting my day-to-day life.

P.S.: Before ending this page, here is my cat, Ziggy (because I need to get some of those sweet karma points).